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[2019.02.25] スマホスピタル新宿アルタ店


iPhone, Android We accept repair Suma Hospital Shinjuku east exit shop.

Is not it possible to count the function of the smartphone? Although it seems to be there, is not it a camera function that you often use often?

There is also an inner camera, local chicken … It is good to take self-taking easily.

However, there are times when such cameras also break down!

It does not reflect anything and it is pitch dark! Focus will not fit!

Do you have experience of becoming such a thing? What?

Camera parts are interchangeable and repair within 1 hour is possible.

Let’s take a look at iPhone as an example today, and I will show you about replacement and repair of camera parts!

Camera breakdown
Failure of camera parts is a symptom that can happen at any terminal.

Even if you launch the camera application, the screen is black
I start but it is not in focus and is vague
Sounds strange when I turn on the camera
There seems to be a lot of symptoms said.

The above phenomenon is mostly caused by initial defects of camera parts, and most cases are improved if parts are exchanged!

Then, I will explain at what time the symptoms occur.

Camera screen is pitch dark ~
Even when launching the camera application, the screen is completely black.

Even if I wait no matter how much it remains dark. .

Especially I often use out cameras in landscape photography, I think that it is also the most frequently used camera parts.

For example, if it is the cause of dropping a smartphone,

The terminal of the out-camera part disconnected by the impact
Out-camera parts were damaged by shock
It is said that things are

Initial parts defect
It means that.

If this happens, we will exchange camera parts, but if it is simply that the terminal is disconnected,

It may become reflected by reattaching the terminal.

However, since the camera parts are delicate and the focusing function of the lens and the interior is destroyed by the impact of the fall,

I think that you can pay attention to the fall!

Damage due to falling is not only a crack of the screen ~ ~.

I can not focus, there is a strange sound …
Regarding this symptom, recently please also check applications such as Instagram, LINE, SNOW, etc. with distributed camera functions.

If the same symptoms occur with the default camera application or the camera function of all the other applications, damage to the camera parts has occurred, so we can expect improvement if we change part as well.

If it is a symptom that happens only with the default application, you need to update it on the application side.

If it still does not improve, it means that camera parts will be damaged.

The lens is cracked …
Camera is not broken, camera lens is cracked! There are also a lot of such people.

Of course we also correspond!

Due to the fact that the camera lens has broken, there is a possibility that malfunctions may also affect parts of the camera that were safe.

Is the lens cracked, do not you see a black dot when you start up the camera?

There is a scratch in the camera there.

It is scratched because there is no lens.

If this happens, you will need to replace both, let’s exchange only the lenses before that happens!

In addition, please feel free to call if there is something to worry about.

Well then, it was over Shinjuku east exit shop!



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