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Your phone’s battery may be degraded…? iPhone修理 新宿アルタ店(東京)なら新宿駅近くのスマホスピタル新宿アルタ店にお任せ!

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  • お電話でご予約の上ご来店下さい。iPhone修理 新宿アルタ店(東京)
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Your phone’s battery may be degraded…?

[2019.02.22] スマホスピタル新宿アルタ店

We are repairing iPhone, Android, Suma Hospital Shinjuku east exit shop.

We received consultation that the iPhone’s battery does not have half a day.

Battery holding is caused by the deterioration of the battery and the deterioration of the board, so it is not completely fixed by exchanging only the battery.
However, it seems that it will considerably improve than the present situation by exchanging.

Battery has standards, it has become a rule not to repair unless it is more than “PSE” standard from February.

Since our shop originally dealt with only “PSE” standards, we will guide you with the same quality as before.

If the charge setting has been changed significantly, it is highly probable that quality improvement has been carried out along with this revision of the standard, so I think that you can use it with confidence in the future.

There is a possibility that the standard was not “PSE” on the contrary if the vendor is being repaired before the revision, so please consult as soon as possible if the battery is in bad condition.

Since replacing the battery itself opens the screen, we are carrying out the repair to replace only the battery, so there is almost no work on the data that will disappear after the repair.

Basically the smartphone will be deleted if it comes to repair at a regular shop or repair at the manufacturer, so if you can back up your data it seems you can deny the place where regular repair is more secure.

However, it is a great merit that our repair can be repaired with “minimum 15 minutes” and that it can be returned with “data intact”.

If you would like to repair in a hurry or if you do not know how to back up your data well it is recommended for customers who need help so please consider it.

Thank you reading!



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電話番号 050-5445-9227

E-mail shinjuku@smahospital.jp

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