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If your iPhone start to loop the Apple mark… iPhone修理 新宿東口(東京)なら新宿駅近くのスマホスピタル新宿東口にお任せ!

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If your iPhone start to loop the Apple mark…

[2018.09.11] スマホスピタル新宿東口



We are Smahospital iPhone & Android device repair contractor.


Today, We’ll introduce about “Apple Mark looping”.

This matter is difficult to resolve only one’s own…

Actualy, There is  the case that it can not resolve to only connect to iTunes.


About Apple Mark looping

This phenomenon will be found when your iPhone is getting to start-up.

Then, When this problem occur…?

There are two causes about apple mark loop.

  • Battery worsing
  • Update system’s breaking


In the battery worsing case, There is the possibility that it improves by exchanging a battey.

In other hand, We’d like to try the re-update the iPhone to connect to itunes in the update system’s breaking case.

Sometimes it success,and sometime it fail.

If it fail, there is the afraid that foundation board is broken…


Why does the system’s breaking occur

OS system is broke by failure of iPhone’s update process.

For example,

  • Lose the Wi-fi network connection while your iPhone is processing the OS update
  • Battery has been empty while your iPhone is processing the OS update


So, please take care the iPhone’s status when your iPhone is processing of update.


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